Target applications and requirements are changing over the lifetime of a Maskless Lithography tool. For example, the typical feature size for high resolution applications is continously shrinking while other applications require new resists working only at a specific wavelength.

Heidelbergs' Maskless Lithography tools are designed to meet these challenges. Most of the standard options can be upgraded at any point in time. Common upgrades are additional write modes to increase resolution or throughput, replacing laser source to work at a different wavelength or introducing Gray Scale Lithography for 3D applications. Other examples are Back Side Alignment or Vector Mode.

Whenever we extend the range of available options in the current systems, at the same time, we investigate the possibility to implement them in systems that are already in the field, to enable the customer to keep his machines at state of the art level and reduce cost of ownership whenever such options are available. Therefore, our range of availbale upgrades continuously changes to match the new challenges. Specific upgrades may also be designed on customers request.

We recommend that you contact your local Service Office or our Service Headquarters regularly to find out which upgrades are available for your particular system.  Our world-wide service stuff will happily help you to find the best solution for your specific application.