Heidelberg Instruments maintains a global presence in the world of micron-scale science and engineering. The capability and versatility of Heidelberg Instruments lithography systems allow for a wide ranging and diverse clientele spanning three continents. In various markets around the globe, Heidelberg Systems are being used for fabricating microstructures on various materials in such disparate areas as production lines for display technologies to Biomedical Engineering research.

Heidelberg Systems are used in the production of flat panel displays and advanced electronic packaging. These applications require very fine positioning and position correction over areas as large as 2.5 meters in each linear dimension. Proprietary technological innovations have been developed to insure reproducible results at speeds that meet the very strict throughput requirements of production facilities. Fine positioning and associated optical feedback corrections have made fast throughput speeds over large areas possible for production-scale technologies.

At elite academic institutions around the world, Heidelberg Instruments systems are used in interdisciplinary research and development. This research is often performed in nanofabrication facilities acting as hubs for multiple users. In this regard, the systems are used in a variety of applications on various substrates and multiple materials. The versatility of these systems in conjunction with intuitive interfacing allows for cutting edge research to be accomplished quickly and easily.

In other areas, micron-scale fabrication is being performed on curved substrates for world leading micro-optics research. This research requires customized staging with fine rotational control to allow micro structures to be patterned on convex and other non-planar substrates. This inventive system was developed collaboratively with the Fraunhofer institute. This technology is now available on standard Heidelberg Systems. In this regard, Heidelberg Instruments will often accomplish technological feats not previously realized in the world of micron-scale science, and is always interested in customizing a system to application.